Foundation Stage 2


Foundation Two is our reception class at St Breock. The staff that work in this class are: Miss Barker (Class Teacher) Mrs Moine & Mrs Lobb (Classroom Assistants)                                                                                       

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FS2 have had great fun creating fish in Outdoor Learning.
Have we got the next Andy Murray or Johanna Konta in our FS2 class. Judging by our lesson today I would say yes we have!
We have had our next group of aspiring chefs in studio eat today making a fruit salad. Using knife skills, mixing and working together forming skills that will be of use for many years to come.
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FS2 were extremely excited to release their butterflies into the wild today after weeks of looking after them and watching them evolve from caterpillars all the way through to beautiful butterflies. 
The class have taken their first stages today in becoming the next Andy Murray or Heather Watson by taking part in their first session of tennis.
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