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Year 4

The staff that work in this class are: Mrs Pompe (Class Teacher) & Mrs Wheeler (Classroom Assistant)

Browse our class gallery to see what we've been upto:
You can find more images inside our blog posts below:
The topic for Year 4 this term is 'Pole to Pole' and we spent time in science this week investigating the temperature of items around the school. We discussed whether different materials felt warmer or colder and if our hands could be used as a way to measure temperature. We decided that…
These are the proud winners of this half term's purple certificates. Congratulations to Grace Smallwood and James Hole.
This term three new members of the Sports CREW were appointed. Another two have been put on the reserve list. Those wishing to become CREW members had to provide a covering letter providing evidence to support their application. The letters received were of a very high standard and demonstrated their desire…
We are pleased to announce that some of the girls from our class have successfully joined the schools Playground Friends. This important role within the school gives them the opportunity to provide games and activities in the Key Stage 1 playground and develop their leadership skills and confidence. The new…
These are the proud winners of this half terms purple certificates. Congratulations to Ben and Sophie!
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