St. Breock Primary School
Phonics and Early Reading Statement

In partnership with our parents, we believe that reading is the key that unlocks many doors to learning in other areas of the curriculum. We acknowledge that children acquire these skills at different rates and in different ways. At the basis of all we do are the following beliefs.  Children should;

•    Experience an environment which is literacy rich
•    Be encouraged to love books
•    Be taught how to decode words for themselves when they are able to do so
•    Share the love of reading with family, friends and adults at school
•    Explore our literary world in a variety of ways including multimedia

We provide

•    A well-ordered and stocked book supply in each classroom
•    A well-stocked and attractive library in school
•    A well- structured reading scheme – Oxford Reading Tree further enhanced with a wide range of additional levelled books across a number of genres.

Our Foundation for reading lies in fidelity to one synthetic phonics scheme –   THRASS    Teaching of Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills) and is supported by other intervention material such as Read Write Inc.

Our phonics results have been above the national average as seen below:- 

School School National National
  Year 1 Year 2 Retake Year 1 Year 2 Retake
2013 70% 80% 69% 69%
2014 87% 89% 74% 88%
2015 87% 100% 91% 90%
2016 75% 71% 81% 67%