The school’s aims are its foundation and should clearly demonstrate the ethos of the school.  All activities within the school should have as their goal the fulfilment of one or more of the aims and support our motto “Learning Love and Laughter” and our School Promises.

We believe that our school should be a place that:

  • Supports the spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development of each child.
  • Provides a safe, friendly and supportive environment, in which all pupils can flourish and achieve their potential to the fullest possible extent.
  • Provides a sense of safety and security within which the children can develop their skills.
  • Creates an atmosphere where there is joy, laughter, excitement and personal shared success.
  • Creates an atmosphere in which we all feel positive, confident, comfortable and that the work we do is worthwhile.
  • Creates an atmosphere where learning is a shared experience.
  • Provides a place to work in which is bright, attractive, cared for and welcoming.
  • Allows freedom to express worries about things we cannot do or do not understand.
  • Promotes within each child the degree of self-reliance necessary to cope with the pressures of today’s society.
  • Provides a curriculum which is stimulating and interesting and fosters in each child a love of learning and discovery.
  • Respects and values everyone who is part of our community.
  • Allows the whole school community to fulfil their potential regardless of individual differences.
  • Ensures that children are aware of personal dangers and how to deal with them,  including healthy eating and lifestyle.
  • Has high expectations and high standards of achievement.


Our School Promises

Look after and respect all things
Be gentle
Be kind and helpful
Work hard
Be polite and listen
Be honest

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