Getting Active at St Breock

We have been up to all sorts at St Breock:

St Breock Swimming Records

At the end of the summer term 2014 we took our Key Stage 2 pupiuls to Wadebridge Leisure centre to establish the first of the St Breock School swimming records. The children swam as fast as possible in order to establish record swimming times and the results can be seen by clicking on the water drops below: 
24 swim records    yrs 5 and 6 swim records 

roll of honour 2016

Roll of Honour

The St Breock Swim Challenge



Mr. & Mrs G’s wonderful girls’ cycling team have had a really good Autumn with no rides missed for bad weather but Spring is a different matter! What a pity to have had to cancel rides but we always look forward to meeting up and enjoying our cycling.  The progress the girls have made has been amazing. The cries we hear now are  ‘I can do it!’ ‘Yippee’  and ‘Can we do figures of eight?’

The girls are continuing to develop their skills in figures of eight, scooting, trios, Follow my Leader, signalling and gliding whilst having lots of fun. If you are in Year Five or Year Six and would like to join us please pop into the office to see me. Everyone welcome!

Mr. G and I are really delighted that parents have jumped on their bikes too – some of them new bikes! Parent cyclists always welcome. We have lots of plans for future rides and are looking forward to our next ride.
Denise Gladwell Headteacher


Bikeability is ‘cycling proficiency’ for the 21st century, designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today’s roads.
There are three Bikeability levels, with each level designed to help improve their cycling skills, no matter what they know already. Levels 1, 2 and 3 take trainees on a journey from the basics of balance and control, all the way through to planning and making a journey by themselves on busier roads.
Children will typically start Bikeability lessons once they have learnt to ride a bike. Level 1 will help new riders to control their bike before they move on to developing on-road skills at Level 2. Level 2 is usually tackled by children in Years 5, to encourage them to ride their bike to school before they leave St Breock.
At St Breock we want as many children as possible to have the opportunity to take part in Bikeability training, and become part of the estimated 2 million that will have been trained by January 2017.