This is our GoPro Video of our new and completed cycle track. It is looking great and such a brilliant course for the kids with its challenging twists and turns.

Why should children cycle??

For starters, you can't beat cycling for getting outdoors and exploring. It's also a fun and exciting that allows your child to get fit and healthy and to learn some valuable skills that they'll remember forever.

The main benifits

  • Exercise - childhood obesity is worse than ever and with all the computers and TV channels these days, fresh air is sometimes hard to come by!
  • A happy mind - kids need to get outside and burn calories, so don't underestimate how cycling can improve their mood.
  • It's cheap - cycling is a very affordable hobby. After buying the bike and accessories, there's next to no maintenance costs.
  • Family time - it's also a hobby that the whole family can do at the same time.
  • Balance and coordination - cycling will teach your kid to use different parts of their body and brain at the same time, giving them confidence.